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By Shawn Hamilton Lately I’ve encountered a surprising number of people in public who seemed to be talking to themselves. Often when this happens, I assume these folks are talking to me, so I respond in some way as polite custom dictates, only to be ignored–or to receive a disapproving glance for having invaded […]

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Actually yes, ignorance of the law is an excuse

By George Sand

(Reprinted with author’s permission from Copblock.org)

There are countless laws. Literally.

Maybe not in the mathematical sense – it is technically possible to count the laws in existence, but based on a colloquial and general use of the term “countless” it is not really feasible for someone to count every law. Just this year, 40,000 laws were passed and are set to go into effect. On the other hand, we rarely hear news about laws being repealed.

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‘You can’t judge cops unless you’ve eaten pancakes with them first’ – George Sand

Copblock posted a quote by Becky Akers on the Facebook page recently –

‎”We all need to recognize cops are the enemy. They’re not just the enemy of the black guy. They’re not just the enemy of Miguel who came across the border without a bureaucrats permission first. They are our enemy too, they will pick on us as well. When we allow government to prey on societies least liked memebers, it’s only a matter of time before they prey on us too” – Becky Akers

In response, one reader replied, “They are your neighbors and the person your standing in line with at the grocery store. Educate yourself and get to know them and we can all be on the same page. Have you ever taken a ride along with your local PD? Have you ever went to a pancake breakfast and learned what they talk about? Do you even know one personally? Didn’t think so. You are depending on a story or some third party blurb to make drastic decisions about your viewpoints are without taking the time to form your own opinions with real data imo. I have some of those things planned in the near future to learn about them. I don’t know enough yet to form a valid firm opinion but plan on learning and talking with them.”

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Police promise to take legal action if they are injured by OWS protestors-George Sand

Police and their supporters always talk about how policing is such a difficult and dangerous job. As with most things related to police, this attitude is derived from general misconception, ignorance, and a tendency of people to arbitrarily worship those in fancy uniforms. Year after year, policing fails to make the top ten list of most dangerous professions. The dangers they face on the job consistently fall below that of pilots, loggers, sanitation workers, farmers, fishers, etc.

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George Sand received her B.A. from UCLA and her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law.  She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach and music in her spare time. Contact the author at george.sand@copblock.org

George Sand: Rick Santorum is a sociopath

“Rick Santorum is one of many vile politicians. Politicians are some of the most disgusting, vile trash of society. They are self-entitled, yet undeserving overlords who masquerade as public servants. They make laws that kill people because they are fully aware, whether consciously or otherwise, that when it comes down to it, they will always have the connections, money and/or political clout to avoid bearing the brunt and the oppression of their laws.”

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Jennifer Chou: Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are ‘terrorists’

Jennifer Chou

The Swill Bucket is pleased to present another column by Jennifer Chou. Jenn received her B.A. in communications studies from UCLA and her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach and music in her spare time.

Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are ‘terrorists’


In this video clip, a few women of The View accuse the founders of We Won’t Fly, James Babb and George Donnelly of being terrorists. Specifically, Whoopi Goldberg says these two men are similar to terrorists because they are disrupting airport procedures. Hasselbeck goes on to say that Mr. Babb and Mr. Donelly should be put on a list for their protest of the recently instituted TSA procedures.

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