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-an average primate, trying to get by.

Beach Boys sing Charles Manson’s song, ‘Cease to Exist’ ca. 1969

The Beach Boys called it “Never Learn Not to Love”. Manson wrote it as a blues piece but the pop band naturally changed it to suit their genre, which pissed Manson off royally.

In retrospect, not a guy you would want to piss off… It’s a mediocre song at best. I say that now that he’s dead! Ha! Ha!

Key Line: “Submission is a gift”

Cease To Exist (lyrics)

Here’s another mediocre song he wrote:


Blog Talk Radio: Rick Staggenborg Interviews Shawn Hamilton

Rick Staggenborg  Interviews Shawn Hamilton, (click hyperlink)

who discusses his father, Ralph Hamilton, a P-51 Mustang pilot during WW2. Shot down over Crailsheim, Germany in 1944, the elder Hamilton became a prisoner of Germany and subsequently an artist and Soldier for Peace.


Ralph Hamilton’s P-51 Mustang at Duxford,, tail # 44-15650, 1944.

Ralph Hamilton, Duxford, England, 1944


“Legacy of Kasskara: Hopi History, Spirituality and Symbolism” (#4 in series, Nexus magazine)


Einstein Visits the Hopi Tribe at Grand Canyon, Arizona, in 1922

Nexus magazine.

“Legacy of Kasskara: Hopi History, Spirituality and Symbolism” (4th in series)

(September 2017, by Shawn Hamilton)

 “The Mysterious Past of the Hopi: From Kasskara to the Americas” (3rd in series, December 2016,Shawn Hamilton )

“Earth Cataclysms and Hopi Kachinas: Saviors from Space”:(2nd in series, July 2016), Shawn Hamilton

“Kasskara: Sunken Land of the Hopi Ancestors” (1st in series, December 2015, Shawn Hamilton )

No More Lies Radio–Interview with Shawn Hamilton on his coverage of 9-11 for KPFA

9-11 Commentary from reporter Shawn Hamilton, who covered the initial Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth press conference (announcing its membership surpassed  one thousand professional members) in 2010.  Hamilton enters the monologue a little after 16:00 minutes in.