David Russell plays Bach’s “Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E-flat major”

You might notice that Russell’s version adds some ornamentation two minutes in that most performers of this piece don’t use, but it seems to well up in him as an outflowing of his being genuinely connected to the music. He’s really enjoying it! The ornamentation is consonant with Baroque style, his “fingerings” are truly masterful, and his interpretation works (in my humble opinion)!

Beach Boys sing Charles Manson’s song, ‘Cease to Exist’ ca. 1969

The Beach Boys called it “Never Learn Not to Love”. Manson wrote it as a blues piece but the pop band naturally changed it to suit their genre, which pissed Manson off royally.

In retrospect, not a guy you would want to piss off… It’s a mediocre song at best. I say that now that he’s dead! Ha! Ha!

Key Line: “Submission is a gift”

Cease To Exist (lyrics)

Here’s another mediocre song he wrote: