“Man complains of ‘Orwellian police’ after tweet investigation” , BBC

Considering that Harry Miller’s shirt says “man” followed by the word’s phonetic pronunciation, the BBC’s headline may be slightly clever.

A man has described police as using George Orwell’s novel 1984 as an “operating manual” after he was investigated over alleged transphobic comments posted on social media.

Quote from Miller: “We are heading absolutely towards some Orwellian state and the police are using 1984 as an operating manual and this frightens the life out of me.”


HUITRAMANNALAND: La historia desconocida de América / ‘La tradición sagrada de los hombres-dioses’ by Rafael Videla Eissmann

List of Kratom Experts Signing letter to FDA

Jack E. Henningfield, PhD Vice President, Research, Health Policy, and Abuse Liability, Pinney Associates And Professor, Adjunct, Behavioral Biology Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Jane Babin, Ph.D., Esq.University of San Diego School of Law, J.D. Law, Purdue University, Ph.D., Molecular Biology

Edward W Boyer MD PhD Director of Academic Development Department of Emergency Medicine Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine Harvard Medical School

Paula Brown, Ph.D. Director of Applied Research Natural Health & Food Products British Columbia Institute of Technology Vancouver, British Columbia

Albert Garcia-Romeu, PhD Research Associate Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D. Professor of Behavioral Biology Professor of Neuroscience Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland

Oliver Grundmann, Ph.D.College of PharmacyDepartment of Medicinal ChemistryUniversity of FloridaGainesville, Florida

Scott E. Hemby, PhD Chair, Professor Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy High Point University High Point, NC 27268

Christopher R. McCurdy, Ph.D., F.A.A.P.S. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Director, UF Translational Drug Development Core Department of Medicinal Chemistry College of Pharmacy University of Florida/

Robert B. Raffa, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus & Past Chair, Temple University School of Pharmacy Adjunct Professor, University of Arizona College of Pharmacy CoFounder, CaRafe Drug Innovation LLC Chief Scientific Officer, Neumentum LLC

Marc T. Swogger, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center 300 Crittenden Blvd., Rochester, NY 14642 Phone: 585-275-7418

HUITRAMANNALAND: La historia desconocida de América / Tatunca Nara y Jacques Cousteau, Rafael Videla Eissmann

Tatunca Nara

Singular registro audiovisual en el Amazonas del año 1983 de Tatunca Nara con el explorador e investigador francés Jacques Cousteau (1910-1997), reconocido estudioso de la vida submarina.
Cousteau es el autor de documentales como The Silent World (1953 con Frédéric Dumas), Captain Cousteaus Underwater Treasury (1959, con James Dugan), The Living Sea (1963, con James Dugan), World Without Sun (1965), The Undersea Discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1970-1975, con Philippe Diolé) y The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau (1973-1978).
Rafael Videla Eissmann
4 de Mayo de 2019