Danger in Cell Phone La La Land

Cell Phone Madness

Danger in Cell Phone La La LandLA Progressive, by Shawn Hamilton, 

Lately I’ve encountered a surprising number of people in public who seemed to be talking to themselves. Often when this happens, I assume these folks are talking to me, so I respond in some way as polite custom dictates, only to be ignored—or to receive a disapproving glance for having invaded someone’s privacy bubble. Usually by this point I would realize the person was talking on a cell phone or similar electronic device, and I would feel like a fool.

I first apprehended the potentially adverse social consequences of personal electronic devices in, appropriately, 1984. I was attending Humboldt State University, and I noticed a classmate wearing Walkman headphones day after day and commented in class that he seemed to be using them to tune the rest of us out. For me this was the beginning of what I now see as a deleterious trend that is getting so much worse than I initially anticipated.

In the 1990s I boarded a train in Taiwan and got a preview of the cell phone madness that would soon afflict the States. Bizarre sounds began to erupt all over the car—ringing, buzzing, beeping, Beethoven. These noises would happen, and there would be several people engaging in solo conversation, often in loud and sometimes angry voices. Acknowledging cultural relativity, I unsuccessfully resisted the feeling that imposing one’s personal conversation on others is a bit churlish.


It can happen so quickly. The man standing on the sidewalk has not yet had time to react.


Beach Boys sing Charles Manson’s song, ‘Cease to Exist’ ca. 1969

The Beach Boys called it “Never Learn Not to Love”. Manson wrote it as a blues piece but the pop band naturally changed it to suit their genre, which pissed Manson off royally.

In retrospect, not a guy you would want to piss off… It’s a mediocre song at best. I say that now that he’s dead! Ha! Ha!

Key Line: “Submission is a gift”

Cease To Exist (lyrics)

Here’s another mediocre song he wrote:


Blog Talk Radio: Rick Staggenborg Interviews Shawn Hamilton

Rick Staggenborg  Interviews Shawn Hamilton, (click hyperlink)

who discusses his father, Ralph Hamilton, a P-51 Mustang pilot during WW2. Shot down over Crailsheim, Germany in 1944, the elder Hamilton became a prisoner of Germany and subsequently an artist and Soldier for Peace.


Ralph Hamilton’s P-51 Mustang at Duxford,, tail # 44-15650, 1944.

Ralph Hamilton, Duxford, England, 1944


William Buckley and Saul Alinsky. Thanks to the Dennis Prager Show!

I always like watching the antics of professional blowhard William (Narcissus) F. Buckley, Jr, In this clip he tries to intellectually overmaster brilliant social reformer Saul Alinksky who finally tells Buckley he’ll answer a question if Buckley will quit yapping for a couple of minutes. Alinksy also busts Buckley for his deceiving, shifty eyes. It’s too good! Alinksy is on it!

Thanks to the reactionary female host of the Dennis Prager radio show (11/15/2017), who mentioned Alinsky, deprecatingly, on the air. She reminded me of this great American thinker and reformer–along with accidental comedian William F. Buckley Jr. who’s always good for a laugh if one can see through his arrogant intellectual posturing!.

To the lady talk show host: I request that you specifically cite examples of what Alinksy said that you disagree with. Not in the clip above necessarily but from any verifiable source. Careful though. It won’t be easy answering while not sounding like a fascist.

Shawn Hamilton