Graham Hancock: “Ancient Mysteries”

Hancock discusses, among other ideas, the possibility that the ancients of remote antiquity understood and encoded into myth and architecture a process called the “precession of the equinoxes,” a subtle astronomical phenomenon that completes one cycle in about 26,000 years.  Ancient Mysteries Video










Pyramids at Giza, Egypt



The Mind Mill


The Mind Mill

Free minds are trees

Rooted in earth

Branches swaying to the sun

Authority carries a chain saw drunk on its own vapors.

Where victims seldom heard screaming are

Cut to the base

 Stripped of bark

Milled to manageable widths and lengths

Stacked neatly into rows:

Material for a better McMerica.

School pretends to build trees from pieces of wood.

                                    Shawn Hamilton, Arcata, 1984