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Bill O’Reilly disses 9-11 victim’s son

August 28th, 2012

Graham Hancock: “Ancient Mysteries”

August 26th, 2012

Hancock discusses, among other ideas, the possibility that the ancients of remote antiquity understood and encoded into myth and architecture a process called the “precession of the equinoxes,” a subtle astronomical phenomenon that completes one cycle in about 26,000 years.  Ancient Mysteries Video










Pyramids at Giza, Egypt



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The Mind Mill

August 19th, 2012


The Mind Mill

Free minds are trees

Rooted in earth

Branches swaying to the sun

Authority carries a chain saw drunk on its own vapors.

Where victims seldom heard screaming are

Cut to the base

 Stripped of bark

Milled to manageable widths and lengths

Stacked neatly into rows:

Material for a better McMerica.

School pretends to build trees from pieces of wood.

                                    Shawn Hamilton, Arcata, 1984


UC Davis pepper-spray officer fired despite being cleared by internal panel

August 4th, 2012
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