Dickensian Art by US Navy-Trained Pilot

Article describes the pilot as “cocky”!

Details cloudy.

A giant image of a penis drawn by a U.S. Navy air crew with the exhaust of an advanced fighter jet is seen in skies over Okanogan County in Washington state, U.S., November 16, 2017 in this picture obtained from social media.



2 thoughts on “Dickensian Art by US Navy-Trained Pilot

  1. Ha ha – that’s great! I was thinking the pilot must be from Texas, and that this badly drawn penis could also be his attempt at a 50-gallon hat; or a double-entendre. I’ll leave the meaning and connections up to the reader.

  2. I’m guessing he was “dick focused” and not thinking of 10 or 50 gallon hats…. I also have to defend his effort — His representation may require refinement, but you can see that one wouldn’t be able to get much practice considering the canvas. His next one will be better if he wants to risk getting court-martialed!

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