HUITRAMANNALAND: The unknown history of America / “Representaciones prehispánicas de ojos azules” (Pre-Hispanic blue-eyed representations) by Rafael Videla Eissmann

As it has been exposed in varied articles but especially in our works such as Raza primigenia (2003), The Gods of Antarctica (2009), Runic Symbols in America. The return to the ancestral land (2011), The City of the Caesars and the mystery of the white Indians (2012), The Extraterrestrial Gods and the return of B’olon Yokte’K’u (2013) and The lituches. The god-men of the southern tradition of the world (2014), since the European irruption in the American continent numerous conquerors, missionaries and chroniclers have left record of the existence of a pre-Hispanic population of ethnic characteristics totally different from the indigenous stereotype: Tall, white individuals, sometimes with light hair.
These are the white Indians , descendants of the legendary White Gods – the “sons of idols” as the indigenous informants communicated to the conqueror Pedro Pizarro:

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