Jennifer Chou: What if the one you encounter is a bad apple?

Jennifer Chou

The Swill Bucket is pleased to present another column by Jennifer Chou. Jenn received her B.A. in communications studies from UCLA and her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach and music in her spare time.

“What if the one you encounter is the bad apple?” by Jennifer Chou

“Certainly, the attitudes, thoughts and words of a few officers will not necessarily be representative of all police. Even so, it is important to keep in mind there are indeed deranged, corrupt, and morally bankrupt people in uniforms who carry guns. Not infrequently, they will publicly, and shamelessly display their degeneracy because they know that regardless, they will continue to be protected by the law, and revered by the public. Below are just a few recent examples.”