165 euphemisms for sex

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How do you say you had sex? Do you tell your friends you banged her? She might say you made love.

There is an infinite number of ways to say “having sex” without actually saying… “having sex.”

With as many euphemisms as there are for sex, it seems as if we have no better way to be creative. Yes, and some of the euphemisms are very creative.

Here’s a list of 165 favorites.

Thanks to Andi for posting!

UC Davis student arrested for ‘terrorist threats,’ assault weapons

Thanks to Ashton B for submitting this. It sounds like we came close to our very own school shooting at UC Davis.

Story here:

Apparently the term “terrorist threat” is not the legal term used in California. It’s actually referred to as a “criminal threat.” Channel 10 used the inaccurate term simply to excite the public, which seems somewhat irresponsible in my opinion.

California Penal Code – Section 422-422.4 :: Title 11.5. Criminal Threats