Texas Republican rebukes TSA; Lt. Governor sides with feds

As some of you know, I quit flying and announced the fact on Tom Sullivan’s national radio show. Channel 10 covered the “protest.” There were only three of us at the Sacramento International Airport, and I was not posturing. I’m completely serious.

I’ve already looked into booking passage on ocean freighters as an alternative to flying internationally: http://www.seatravelltd.co.uk/

The following piece from Brasscheck offers that the sexual humiliation TSA routinely inflicts on the public is similar to what Nazis did to Jews as they were being loaded onto trains. Mark G says that’s not true. I can see how that might be exaggerated, but I don’t think it’s surprising that the Nazis would check people for guns, and when drunk men get too close to women, weird things can happen. I’ll solicit a response from Mark G, whose opinions I respect. I kind of like to think the Nasties did it because if they didn’t, that would make TSA more debased than them.

In any case, I disdain the practices of TSA whether or not any of that is true.

The Texas legislature is apparently the only lawmaking body that has even tried to stand up to TSA in some meaningful way. We can only hope that the other wimpy states follow:

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Shawn Hamilton

Texas Republican Dan Patrick had the brass balls to propose legislation that would make it a crime for TSA agents to sexually molest pasengers. Unfortunately, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst intervened and saved the molesters from harm.

AE911Truth comments on Osama bin Laden’s Death

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth 

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth.org), a tax-exempt nonprofit educational charity, has been asked to comment on the alleged recent death of Osama bin Laden. Reports of bin Laden’s death, even if true, explain NONE of the overwhelming evidence for the explosive controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. For several years now we have been citing this evidence in support of a genuine, subpoena-powered, independent investigation. We have been joined in that call by almost 1500 licensed and/or degreed architects and engineers and almost 12,000 others, including chemists, physicists, firefighters, attorneys, and other professionals. When the flag-waving pep rallies have all died down, this evidence will still be here, demanding a serious accounting from our elected officials and the agencies that serve them. Osama bin Laden’s death does not begin to address these disturbing facts:

Read the disturbing facts here:

Young man with Asperger’s syndrome responds appropriately to police

  Jennifer Chou

The Swill Bucket is pleased to present another column by Jennifer Chou. Jenn received her B.A. in communications studies from UCLA and her J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach and music in her spare time.

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“Young man with Asperger’s syndrome responds appropriately to police”

Reginald “Neli” Latson, a 19 year-old, sat in the grass outside the library and waited for it to open. Police allege that shortly after, some children purportedly were frightened and claimed there was a suspicious black male who had had a gun. A nearby school was put on lockdown, and a search ensued. Deputy Calverley then approached Latson, squeezed the front pocket of his sweatshirt and checked for a gun. No gun was found. The children questioned later also confirmed they never saw a gun. Calverly asked Latson for his name, and Latson refused. Calverly then grabbed Latson and attempted to arrest him. Latson struggled with Calverly, managed to flip him over, and caused Calverly’s head to hit the pavement. Latson hit Calverly several times and took his pepper spray.

Read entire article here

McDonalds and Disneyland in Baghdad (a poem)

McDonalds and Disneyland in Baghdad

by Shawn Hamilton

A critical strike—
Locusts swarm Baghdad.
Hands on general watch point north;
We know the hour.

Onerous change—oppressors change.
And we who walk the valley of the Shadow of Debt
Shall fear no Skull and Bones,
Though a president’s brain be splayed
Over Grassy Knolls.
History’s violent melody replays
With variations.


From sea to shining sea, We The People lull
On soporific sofas watching oligarchy opera.
Dan Rather serves US polite Pepsi perspectives,
Big Mac American arrogance,
News Cheetos!
We lick orange agent from our limp lips,
O tranquil frenzy!
As embedded recorders with the Pentagon
Daily News,
Laud the 3-7th Cav “mopping up”
Post-nocturnal engagement.

Back home in the Heartland
SUV super tanks hump bumpers, want to run you
Into a ditch. Dodge Ram you!
They’ll Custer you out.
They’ll show you stars and bloody stripes!
“God, Guts, and Guns—American Justice.”
V-8 diesel and United States flag,
Mud flap silver sex dolls and “The Power of Pride.”
Inside the cool cab Limbaugh wipes the Greasy Grass from his chinny chin.
He hardens,
And repeatedly violates Hillary.


God bless our Disney World dynasty!
We sow seedy embryos and reap
Sanitary solace in Fantasyland.
When Minnie minds
The Superstore,
Watergate McBurglars and Enronald McDonalds loot tills
Prevaricate with Goofy excuses,
Blame matronly Mickey Mouse Marthas.
O Dumbo Democracy!
Our Pinocchio president can barely reach
The end of his nose to scratch it.
“Rule by the People”
With money and power?
Plutocracy! In thin disguise.
Who dispatch fighting forces to dominate the globe as burning oil wells rain
Petroleum drops on dead jarheads in deserts;
The dumb grunts die
To advance
Elitist empire.

And We, The Petty Perfect People back on Main Street,
Huff and cower before TV altars
Eating Freedom Fries,
Waving Wal-Mart flags, we cheer the new Grand Opening:
McDonalds and Disneyland in Baghdad.

Osama bin Laden corpse photo is fake

An image apparently showing a dead Osama bin Laden broadcast on Pakistani television and picked up by British newspaper websites is a fake.

Are you really surprised?

The bloodied image of a man with matted hair and a blank, half-opened eye has been circulating on the internet for the past two years. It was used on the front pages of the Mail, Times, Telegraph, Sun and Mirror websites, though swiftly removed after the fake was exposed on Twitter.

Read article here