Nancy Pelosi Gives Donald Trump the Clap!

This is just weird…


Some freshmen Dems in white satirized Trump by chanting USA! USA! –which may be historical as well as hysterical. How often have you seen State of the Union addresses in which members of Congress actively make fun of the president’s speech? As of now I am unable to find a decent clip of that encounter.

Note that I interpreted the Femme Dems’ USA! USA! chant as clearly mocking Trump,  but he thanked them for it, and some news outlets are treating the incident as if the Dems were sincere. I trust my instincts and don’t buy it.

I just saw on Twitter that comedian Patton Oswalt has dubbed Pelosi’s maneuver the “Fuck You Clap”. Says he: “Congrats to for inventing the “fuck you” clap.


Trump campaign having more problems pirating others’ music:

“Mr. Trump has no right to use this Nazi song. “We Germans ourselves are not allowed to play it,” said an official with the former propaganda ministry who declined to be named. Here is the song in question:



This post should be taken in the spirit of The Onion.