The Grover Norquist Solution at KPFA/Pacifica

If Grover Norquist had been a consultant for the gatekeeper group of paid staff that seems to run things at KPFA, he might’ve recommended something like: “You should reduce Pacifica Radio down to a size where you can “drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”     Daniel Borgström

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Justice Fatigue in the Morning at KPFA

The battle for control of the Pacifica Radio Network intensifies at the mother ship station, KPFA in Berkeley as loyal listeners rally in support of the station’s mission to advance peace, social justice and political satire. BetterBadNewz mixes and mashes up a Michael Krasny interview of Larry Bensky and Arlene Engelhardt with real and imagined callers curious to know more about a missing $375,000 donation . Was it criminal neglect or a challenge match failure during a pledge drive?

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KPFA Story on ‘We Won’t Fly’ Opt Out Day Protest

I just filed this story on KPFA Radio about the ‘We Won’t Fly’ campaign. The story treats it more fairly than mainstream McMedia that all read from the same AP script and said the event “fizzled” too early in the day for there to have been time to accurately assess it. That reminded me of the story about John Tyner, the man of “don’t touch my junk” fame. Immediately after that story broke, the media was reporting that “8 out of 10” Americans supported the TSA’s actions in the case when clearly there had been insufficient time to have conducted a valid poll. It was an example of media not reporting news but manufacturing it. That’s what we saw yesterday in coverage of Opt Out Day.

It didn’t fizzle. TSA backed off for the day and fewer people were flying due to We Won’t Fly’s efforts. Accolades to those who protested despite the lack of support by others.

“National ‘We Won’t Fly’ Opt Out Day Protest”  Audio Here

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17 minutes, 45 seconds into broadcast (about 4 minutes long)

Over 1000 architects and engineers have signed petition to reinvestigate 9-11 destruction


The Swill Bucket welcomes visitors referred by Project Censored. I apologize for the circuitous route to the story, “Over 1000 architects and engineers have signed petition to reinvestigate 9-11 destruction,” which is part of story #14, “Increased Tensions with Unresolved 9-11 Issues” in this year’s Censored 2011. The story was originally written as a script for KPFA radio, which aired the story on February 21, 2010. I posted a print version of the story on shortly thereafter, which is the version picked up by Project Censored. Recently, for whatever reason, I lost access to this story (it vanished from my publishing tool) and could not get a straight answer from Examiner explaining why. I have subsequently severed my ties to

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KPFA version of story (9:11)

Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips on KPFA’s Gun’s and Butter 15September2010